What is Behind Subaru’s Surge in Popularity?

subaru brzAmericans are hooked on Subaru. It is after all the fastest-growing auto brand in the U.S., and why is that?  Love. This may be the newest tag line for the brand but it is true, the Subaru brand has a strong, loyal following that without their love, Subaru would not be the brand that they are today. According to Dean Evans, SVP and CMO of the Cherry Ridge,subaru wrx sti N.J. Sales team, “We are the original emotional car brand….you cannot just sell the car, or just the brand, but also the emotional experience.” This strategy is clearly working, in fact Subaru has upped and surpassed their targeted sales goal over three times in the past year, and have set their focus on reaching 1 million vehicles in annual sales in the not-too-distant future.

The facts behind Subaru’s amazing success.

subaru outback

Over the past five years, Subaru has experienced a period of heavy growth in the U.S. with sales surging 30% between 2009, from 555,333 vehicles up to 724,466 vehicles in 2013. What is their secret, you may ask? Prior to 2008 Subaru made two very important decisions: Make interiors roomier and drop the price point below their Japanese competitors. Its cars are now so spacious and inherently American that people joke that the new Outbacks will not even fit in a Japanese parking garage. This decision paired with their dedication to a quirky, outdoorsy clientele, is what has been the fuel behind the fire that has kept Subaru growing, even though the darkest of bankruptcy days that hit subaru legacyother major auto manufacturers. In fact the Subaru Forester has become so popular that keeping a steady supply in dealerships has become a challenge for the Japanese auto maker. “We always attracted a loyal core of owner base, we have all-wheel drive and a very strong identity,” said Tom Doll president of Subaru of America. “The new styling has allowed us to expand our base and the number of people we can attract to the brand — 60 percent of our buyers are new to Subaru.”

Where to fall in love

subaru forester

If you are ready to fall in love for the first time with Subaru we invite you to visit Subaru of Plano. We have a great selection of new, certified pre-owned, and used cars, trucks and SUV’s to choose from. If you don’t want to come alone, feel free to bring your K-9 companion. We have a great dog park where he/she can hang out while you shop. If you are coming in to have your current vehicle serviced and don’t want to sit around waiting, check out our mountain bike rack, and take one for a spin while you wait. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to join the Subaru family, please visit our website or come meet us in person at 4480 W Plano Parkway in Plano, Texas. Welcome to the family!

subaru of plano

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