Subaru Forester Takes Home SUV of the Year Title for 2014

2014 Subaru Forester

Driving is a daily task that most people take for granted. It becomes routine to get in your car, drive where you need to and not think much about it. Usually it is only when you start shopping for another vehicle that you realize how attached you are to the car, truck or SUV you drive. Subaru understands this connection between a driver and their vehicle as it may seem like it could be an overlooked relationship. Subaru keeps in mind the time that you spend with your vehicle and wants to make sure that it is something worth remembering. Subaru strives to make vehicles that you can depend on and have confidence in. Motor Trend recently recognized these qualities of a Subaru and named the 2014 Forester the “2014 Motor Trend SUV of the Year.”

Sizing up the competition, the 2014 Forester rises to the occasion

2014 Subaru Forester

Motor Trend took into consideration several different factors when choosing what they felt to be the best SUV for 2014. By just looking at the 2014 Subaru Forester, it is easy to see the improvements in cargo volume, overall size and interior design. However, Motor Trend has to take it for a spin, which is where the 2014 Forester really shines. Motor Trend also evaluated fuel economy, handling, safety and the overall value of all the SUVs nominated. Motor Trend felt that the 2014 Forester has the perfect combination of power, fuel efficiency and fun, a factor that is sometimes overlooked.

On or off the road, the Forester handles like a pro

2014 Subaru Forester

The quality and refinement of the drive in this SUV is what separates it from the rest. The 2014 Subaru Forester comes with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, which allows for optimal distribution of power and maximum traction. This helps with handling and quicker responses depending on different road conditions. Both the 2.5i Premium and the 2.0XT were tested for this competition. Both performed at a phenomenal level and provided an enjoyable ride with a nimble and athletic feel.

The Forester blows first impressions out of the water

2014 Subaru ForesterSubaru definitely did not cut any corners when it came to the style and comfort of the Forester.  Motor Trend, like Subaru, believes that the 2014 Subaru Forester offers the best value by being an exciting vehicle that will allow a driver to truly love every day’s journey. Choosing the 2014 Forester as the Sport/Utility Vehicle of the Year makes perfect sense. The Forester beautifully blends more power than ever before, better fuel economy, generous ground clearance and great value. On top of all that, Subaru made an SUV that was designed with fun right down to its core.

The love Subaru has for the creation of vehicles is translated to all aspects of the auto industry. At Subaru of Plano, we share the vision of making driving more of an experience than a task. You can experience the award-winning 2014 Forester at Subaru of Plano along with other new and pre-owned Subaru models. Be sure you do not miss any of the great events or specials we have at Subaru of Plano! FOLLOW US on Twitter and LIKE US on Facebook!

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