Subaru Reveals the Next Generation of Safety

SubaruThere are over six million car accidents in the United States alone every year. With the number of drivers growing parallel to the number of distractions for drivers, the probability of dangers on the road have continued to be a serious concern for people not only in the U.S., but all over the world. Subaru has taken action against these dangers and developed safety technologies to ensure the security of the driver, passengers, pedestrians and all others who could be in any way involved in a vehicle accident. The amazing thing about Subaru’s dedication to safety is that they do not stop at good enough. Subaru continues to advance their current technology and take it to the next level for their drivers. Last month, Subaru released the specs on the upgraded version of its EyeSight driver assistance camera system for the 2015 model year. Rather than being satisfied with what is already in place, Subaru strives to have the latest and best technology to help save lives and maintain the trust of their drivers and passengers. 

Subaru is looking out for you, literally

Safety 360 Degrees

Subaru’s EyeSight technology comes in the form of a small piece of camera hardware mounted in the upper part of the windshield. The size of the camera has decreased by 15 percent in order to allow for better visibility for the driver. However, the technology on the inside is where the true upgrade lies. The new system features color stereo cameras that process objects into images. The EyeSight system can identify vehicles ahead, obstacles, traffic lanes and other items in front of the vehicle. The video information is relayed to the EyeSight computer that is connected to the car’s braking system and electronic throttle control. The upgrade allows a 40 percent longer and wider detection range, brake light detection and can now fully function with vehicles at a speed difference of 30 mph, which is an 11 mph improvement over the current system.  This technology helps deter accidents by having real world applications. The EyeSight system is integrated with adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking and vehicle lane departure warning. Subaru is planning to create the 2015 lines with the system in place so that future accidents can be avoided as often as possible.

Other future technologies of 2015


Subaru is excited to be adding new systems to increase driver and passenger safety and improve everyone’s driving experience. Along with EyeSight, Subaru plans to incorporate Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Traffic Alert. These programs are designed to operate as sensors and warning systems in order to alert the driver of possible dangers. Many people think of driving as a one-way drive, but in fact, driving is a 360-degree process. Therefore, Subaru wants to make sure you are covered front, back and on every side.

360 Protection

Subaru of Plano is excited to be on board in making sure that customers and drivers anywhere will be safe on the road. Be sure you do not miss any of the great events or specials we have at Subaru of Plano! FOLLOW US on Twitter and LIKE US on Facebook!

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