Redesigned Subaru Outback is great for Texans

When Subaru redesigns one of their models, they really mean it. Some other car companies just move a radio knob or add an inch or two and call it “redesigned”. This doesn’t even come close to the new 2015 Outback. The all-wheel drive Outback has new features top to bottom.

Personally, I like the very comfortable front seats with ample head and leg room. It was very adequate for my larger than average size. I could even leave my Stetson on without it being crushed by the headliner. I thought it had more room than some of the larger suv’s and I wouldn’t feel bad about putting my 19 year old son, when he comes home from college, in the spacious back seat and he not a small guy either. The cargo space is awesome. I bet my wife could stop and shop at least 10 garage sales before filling it up.

Talking about my family, the new Outback comes with a rear view camera which is very handy to keep us from backing over our daughter’s bike or something more precious. Of course Subaru’s air bag system surrounds the occupants and other safety features can be another add on. I really like the radar systems for blind-spot, lane change warnings and cross traffic.

On the infotainment side, the new Outback has a large touch activated system. It is really easy to use with my large fingers and lack of “computer savvy”. It didn’t take me long to conquer the menus. When you lift the hood you’ll find a very efficient 2.5 liter four-cylinder that gives you great gas mileage and performance. If you want some more “zip” in your drive then look at the 3.6-liter six-cylinder. That format gets you moving quicker and a little quieter.

I really believe the new Subaru Outback still has kept its rugged charm of past Outback’s. This vehicle has that “go-anywhere” style or feel about it. You might even see them going toe to toe with some of those rated 4-wheelers …can I say in the “outback”? Its all-wheel drive isn’t just for show. New owners will say the Outback is very reliable and that statement will be backed up by the “Consumer Reports” organization and U.S. News Best Car Awards. The other great news is that securing one will not break your bank. You will be pleasantly surprised when you look at its sticker in the Subaru of Plano show room located in 4480 W Plano Parkway in Plano, TX.

Did I mention that the U.S. News gave the Subaru Outback a “Best Car Award” for 2015? Yep, they ranked it one out of ten. Subaru just keeps rolling in awards.

For more information about the Subaru Outback or any of the other great models visit Subaru of Plano’s website at or contact one of their friendly sales associates at 972.801.9900.

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