The Legacy of Subaru

I’m one of the many thousands of fans that just adore the Subaru brand. All of us were hooked many years ago with their quality, styles and resale values. In fact, according to the Kelly Blue Books, Subaru has the best resale values of all brands for 2015. The Subaru brand has made significant strides to the top since the first Subaru landed on America’s shores in 1968.

This little car was called the “360” and was very small in size with a 2 stroke 25 HP engine and weighed under 1000 lbs. It got from 0 to 50 in 37 seconds and delivered 66 mpg. It wasn’t a hot seller with all those big muscle cars around as only 332 of the little guys were sold. Yes, 1968 was the era of Love and Hate from riots to love-ins. Hershey candy bars was a nickel and a German car had 57% of the U.S. Import market. However, Subaru got its foot into the door of America’s auto marketplace and never stopped climbing to the top. Subaru was persistent and its cars caught on and in 1977 they became the 5th largest import. In 1997 the Outback Limited and the Legacy became very popular with America’s drivers. At that time all Subaru’s were all-wheel drive which was way ahead of its time again.

Don’t you just love History and I could go on, but this year Subaru has done it again with the 2015 redesigned Legacy. Ten years ago the Legacy was the biggest selling line with Subaru and I bet it will happen again this year. This fine machine is roomier, quieter and much more refined. Consumer Reports states it was their top scoring midsized sedan. They said, “Its ride is better than some luxury cars”. The Legacy comes with a solid 2.5 liter four-cylinder that gives you 26mpg. If you want so more zip in your acceleration then ask for the 3.6-liter six-cylinder. The Legacy’s infotainment system includes a large 6.2 touch screen with all the necessary and needed functions. You can also upgrade to a larger screen if you want.

It is really a joy to drive, but don’t take my word for it. Just visit the professionals at Subaru of Plano online at today!

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