Really, if you believe you have to have 300 horsepower plus under the hood in a Sports Coupe, think again.  Better yet take a test drive in the Subaru BRZ at Subaru of Plano located at 4480 W. Plano Parkway or call the dealership and find out what all the hype is about at 972.801.9900 today!

It is simple as that. It is just a real pleasure to get behind the wheel and drive this sporty Subaru. It comes standard with an aggressive 2.0-liter four banger, rear wheel drive and a six-speed manual that slides so easy from gear to gear.  No fear as a smooth six-speed automatic is available for those who don’t want to row their own gears.  This BRZ is powered by the reliable and proven boxer (horizontally opposed) engine that produces 200 quick and lively horses and 151 lb-ft of asphalt grabbing torque.

It all comes together in your test drive from Subaru of Plano.  This engine’s weight in the BRZ is low which contributes to the sports car center of gravity and therefore adds to its exceptional handling and response for the driver.  It’s very efficient 6-speed stick shifts like a dream and lets out the power to surprise.

Once you slide into those comfortable and sturdy seats at Subaru of Plano, you will find plenty of room and the front seats offer solid support for those long drives or quick corners.  The cabin of the BRZ is equipped with high quality and tech superior systems that relate to entertainment and communication.  After all, it is a Subaru.  That includes the comprehensive STARLINK Multimedia System with a 6.2-inch touch screen.  Everything is focused on the driver with even the large tachometer dominating the instrument pod.  It is also cool that the pedals have those little holes in them, just like the big boy race cars.

What else you will quickly discover in your test drive is the relationship of steering wheel to pedals to shifter is right on the money.   Everything about this Subaru BRZ can be described in a three letter word…FUN!  Just ask an owner.

Auto writers and critics also praise this BRZ.  Kelly Blue Book says: “The 2016 Subaru BRZ fits precisely the time honored formula for that perfect little jewel of a sports car; lightweight, rear-wheel drive, low center of gravity, perky performance, affordable price, a suspension that sends the tires to reach out and shake hands with pavement.”  The trustworthy folks at Consumer Reports said in this year’s Auto Issue:  “Handling is super-responsive, with cornering precision that makes the BRZ fun to drive”.  There goes that word Fun again.  They also gave this little sports car coupe one of their cherished “Check Marks” for a Recommended Vehicle.

Don’t take anyone’s word for it and just take the short drive to Subaru of Plano and take one out for a spin.  A smile always looks good on anyone’s face.  So why not put the “fun factor” back in your drive time?

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